Global Business Development Institute

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.  I want to  present my paper  at the conference.  But, the paper is not ready yet at the submission stage.  What can I do?

These two items are to be submitted to us for review (a and b):

a) An Abstract of your paper that is a double-spaced copy, 150 words or longer in length (or) a double-spaced copy of your paper.


b) A title page containing these details:  (a) paper title, (b) author(s), (c) position(s), rank, (d) affiliation(s), (e) complete mailing address, (f) telephone and fax numbers, (g) e-mail address(es), (h) subject code (refer to the Call for Papers), and (i) individual to whom correspondence should be sent.

E-mail these items to .

For participants with  acceptance letter, please include Paper # as a reference in all communications.

If you do not have enough time to develop your paper by the Proceedings / Journal Submission Deadline, you may e-mail the abstract of your paper with the title page information by the Abstract / Proposal Submission Deadline.  After e-mailing your submission, you may develop your paper and e-mail by the Proceedings / Journal Submission Deadline(s).

2.  Paper presentations in Absentia

I cannot  present my paper  in person at the conference .  Do you accept paper presentations in Absentia?

Authors who cannot attend the conference in person, but wish to present a paper in Absentia, are encouraged to e-mail their submissions.  These submissions will be reviewed by professionals.  Authors of papers in Absentia must also complete the Registration process and pay the fees.  For publishing papers in the Proceedings and/or Journal, the following c0nditions must be satisfied:

a) The full papers are accepted by reviewers,

b) At least one author must complete the registration process, and

c) All Manuscript Guidelines must be followed.

3.  Conference Registration Checklist

Which items are necessary for me to mail in order to complete my registration?

These items are to be mailed / e-mailed:

a) Completed Registration Form (available on 'Registration Form' page of this website).  You may copy and paste the form to your e-mail.

b) Payment as stated in the Registration Form

c) Other applicable attachments:

     1. To qualify for the student discount, a signed letter to prove full-time student status

     2. To qualify for the team registration discount, both a completed Registration Form and Payment for each member

4. What are the major steps that are followed by GBDI after receiving a Proposal/Abstract/paper?

Step 1: The submitted items are evaluated by reviewers and the papers for conference presentation are selected. The authors are informed regarding the selection or rejection of their paper for conference presentation. These authors whose papers are accepted for conference presentation, are strongly urged to make oral presentations at the meeting, get comments/help from participants, revise their papers, and submit the modified, improved papers for publication in a GBDI journal.

Step 2. If an author completes the registration process and submits full paper for Proceedings, the paper is reviewed by professionals. The accepted full papers are published in Proceedings.

Step 3. If an author completes the registration process and submits full paper for Journal on or before the respective deadline, the paper is evaluated by professionals. The accepted papers are published in a GBDI refereed journal on a competitive basis.

GBDI encourages and supports faculty and other professionals to perform research projects and by publishing their papers in refereed GBDI journals.

5.  International Attendees

a) I tried to complete my Registration Payment through PayPal, but my country is not listed.  What choices do I have to complete Registration?

We have had several attendees from countries who are not yet supported in the PayPal system (i.e.- Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, etc.) who have attended recent conferences.  The methods of payment they used have included (all payments to be in $US):
a.  Bank Check - Obtain a certified Cashier's Check, Bank Check, or Money Order and send to GBDI - 582 N. Fifth Avenue - Upland, CA  91786 - USA  

  Please use the services of a U.S. Bank in your country.     

b.  Contact a Colleague or Family member in a PayPal-supported country - You may also have a Colleague or Family member in the USA or other PayPal-supported country pay the registration fee on your behalf.  Please have them state your Name and Paper Number when submitting payment.  You may then pay the individual back (or one of their family members, etc.) according to whatever terms you arrange.

b) What materials for authors are provided to obtain a Visitor Visa for conference attendance?

The e-mailed Acceptance Letter is the only documentation GBDI will provide for attendees to obtain a Visitor Visa.  The Acceptance Letter includes a high-quality scan on letterhead, including signature for embassy officials.  No documents will be sent via airmail, etc. to embassies or individuals.