GBDI  20 th International Conference 

 in Las Vegas, USA

Global Business Development Institute

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GBDI   20 th International Conference

October  25 - 27,  2015     Las Vegas,NV,USA

Plaza Hotel and Casino,Downtown,  LasVegas,NV,USA

Competing in the Digital Age through Business and Economics
Paper  presentations ---October  26 .


a) Proposal/Abstract Submission with Title Page:                                                   August 28, 2015

b) Registration:                              September  14 , 2015

c) Submission to Proceedings:  September  21 , 2015
d) Submission to Refereed Journal:November  25, 2015
For a), c), and d) submit your Microsoft Word File to: 





       ' Call For Papers '--- is given in the Conference page.

For participants whose papers are already accepted for conference presentation, please include Paper # as a reference  in the Subject area of email  in all communications.



Here is  a great  opportunity  to present your paper at the GBDI Conference, publish your paper in the conference proceedings, or publish your paper in a refereed GBDI journal  on a competitive basis. 


    GBDI 20  th  International  Conference
                       Call For Papers
Proposals/Abstracts for paper presentations (with Title Page) are invited in, but not limited to, the topic areas listed. The proposals may be complete papers, or abstracts with at least 150 words.  All papers and abstracts are subject to double blind peer-review process.  The submission deadline of proposals / abstracts  is given above  . We invite early submissions so that our reviewers can study and deliberate thoroughly.
Accepted papers, based upon author's preference, may be published in the Conference Proceedings (available on CD format only) if   guidelines are satisfied. The deadline for Proceedings Submission is given above. We will accept only online submissions. Any papers selected for presentation at the conference may be published in either a refereed GBDI Journal or Conference Proceedings, if accepted by Reviewers .
 The deadline for online submission of papers for review and publication in a GBDI Journal is  also given above .
Proposal/ Abstract and Title page Submission :
A double-spaced copy of your proposal or abstract (with about  150 words) and a title page must be submitted via electronic mail in Word Perfect or Microsoft Word to:
The title page   of each submission must include the following:
(a) paper title,
(b) author(s),
(c) position(s), rank,
(d) affiliation(s),
 (e) complete mailing address,
(f) telephone and fax numbers,
(g) e-mail address(es),
(h) subject code------ given below --- (refer to the Call for Papers), 
(i) individual to whom correspondence should be sent, and
(j) indicate preferred publication: Conference Proceedings or one of the GBDI refereed Journals
The proposal/paper/abstract should include the title of paper but not your name.
You will be notified by electronic mail of the decision on your submission as soon as the review process has been completed.  It may take about four to six weeks to complete the review process.
Submit your papers/abstracts and join us in  Vegas  to enjoy these Benefits  :
.  Get your accepted paper published in Conference Proceedings or a refereed GBDI Journal        
                  on a competitive basis
.  Build new or renew relationships with unmatched peer-to-peer networking relationships
.  Improve job performance through knowledge sharing      
.  Extend your understanding of the latest technologies and effective approaches with
        applications . 
.  Meet the brightest minds to learn from one another providing opportunities for faculty
        development and enrichment   
.  Present your accepted paper, get innovative comments and attend conference sessions and
.  Receive one conference proceedings and one printed journal issue and enjoy luncheon,
     reception and coffee breaks as you  network with your peers from diverse academic disciplines
      and various campuses
.  Relax  and rejuvenate.  There is no place else in the world that offers the variety, quantity and
      quality of entertainment
For participants in the conference, please include Paper #  in the Subject  area  of email  as a reference in all communications.
The Best Papers  in various topic areas will be announced and formally recognized at the conference.  The Best Papers may be published in a Journal of Global Business Development Institute , if guidelines are fulfilled.
GBDI cannot accept any responsibility or liability for losses or damages of any type to conference delegates or their companions either during or as a direct or indirect result of the conference.  All delegates and companions are advised to review their own insurance policies and obtain any additional coverages as desired.
Conference Web-Site   is the web-site for the GBDI International Conference.  Conference Registration Form, Final Program and Updates, if any, will be posted on the conference web-site.  Please visit the web-site periodically for updates and other information.
       *****    Topic Area Code:
  01. Accounting
02. Business Law and Ethics
03. Business Policy and Strategy
04. Entrepreneurship and New Ventures
05. Finance
06. Global Business
07. Innovative Education & Academic Administration
08. Internet, E-Commerce & Technology Management
09. Management and Organizational Behavior
10. Management Information Systems
11. Management of Quality and Competitiveness
12. Management Science and Quantitative Methods
13. Marketing Management
14. Production and Operations Management
15. Public Policy & Non-Profit Organizations
16. Service Management (including Healthcare and Hospitality Management) 17. Small Business
18. Economics
19. Research Methods
20. Allied Disciplines
Publishing in both a GBDI Journal and Proceedings :  Papers accepted by referees may be published in BOTH a GBDI Journal AND Proceedings by paying additional fees (as noted on the Registration Form). These are the fees to be paid : Page fee for Proceedings and Journal, and fee for publishing on BOTH.
 Reviews  to be performed : These reviews are normally done --- 1) for conference presentations, 2) for publishing in Proceedings, and 3) for publishing in refereed journal . If any paper has more than three authors, it will not be considered for the journal publication.
Paper Title and Authors:  For each paper, the same Paper Title and Author names that were submitted and approved for conference presentation must be used when published in a refereed GBDI Journal and/or Conference Proceedings.
Length of paper or content of material: Approximately the same length of paper and contents of material should be included for any paper when published in BOTH a GBDI Journal AND Proceedings.
  Final  Manuscript :
The Final manuscript, which is submitted for publication in Conference Proceedings and/or a GBDI Journal, shall fulfill all guidelines of manuscript preparation.  The Final manuscript will be evaluated by Reviewers.
 Reviewing Papers :
 Authors,  who  submit  papers  for  publication in  Proceedings  and / or  Journal,  are obliged to  review  a  few  papers  and inform GBDI  regarding their  professional  opinion  (  on accepting or rejecting  the  papers )   for publication  in a timely manner.
  Please note that papers with more than three authors will not be accepted for the journal publication.
Registration Information:  
 Registration Fee:  US $430.00 per participant if you complete registration before the deadline. Add $50.00 late registration fee thereafter. All attendees are required to register and pay the appropriate registration fees in full. The registration fee is non-refundable and substitution may be accepted if written requests for substitutions are received at least two weeks before the start of conference. The Registration Fee covers one copy of Conference Proceedings (on CD-ROM) , Conference Program, specified food and beverages as given in the Program, the opportunity for paper presentation, learn up-to-date methods and applications from experts in the field, and professional networking. Such items as transportation, accommodations, and entertainment expenses are excluded.
Registration Fee for Students:  $100.00 off per full time student (full time is defined as a minimum of 12 credits for undergraduates and 6 credits for graduates). At the time registration is submitted, students must provide proof of their student status by attaching a signed letter from department chair or dean. This discount is offered only to those students, who present their papers at the conference.
The student registration fee is $330 if you complete your registration before the deadline.  Add $50 late registration fee thereafter.
 Fee for Additional Paper  by the Same Author(s):  $290.00 per additional paper. Any author can present at most two papers in the conference .
Guest(s) of Registrants are invited to participate in all conference activities by paying a fee of:  $140.00 per person. 
Any guest(s) cannot be an author or paper presenter.
Extra Page Fees:  Up to 14 pages in Proceedings or up to five pages in Journal are free with registration fee for the accepted manuscript. Extra page fee is $12.00 per page after the first 14 pages for Proceedings. Extra page fee is $90.00 per page for pages over the five page limit for Journal
Fee for Additional  Journal Issues: The registration fee includes one printed copy of the GBDI Journal in which your paper is published . The price of each journal issue is $95.00 per copy if additional copies are requested at the time of registration. The price of each issue will be $115.00 per copy thereafter subject to availability.
Team Registration Discount: $30.00 per participant to groups of three or more persons from the same or different organizations. To qualify, completed registration forms for each registrant MUST be submitted together. Team registration will not be accepted on conference site
GBDI reserves the right to alter any policy without prior notice if circumstances beyond our control necessitate a change in any element of the program.
Contact Us: 
If you have any questions, please contact us  by email at     and      
For participants whose papers are already accepted for conference presentation, please include Paper # in the Subject area of your e-mail  ---- as a reference in all communications. 
                  Conference Location :  
                         Plaza Hotel and Casino,
                 Downtown,Las Vegas , Nevada, USA      
 Information about Fabulous Las Vegas:
There are numerous hotels in deluxe, midrange & budget categories.
Please refer to these websites for attractions, sightseeing tours, entertainment, shopping, gaming, nightlife, dining, etc.,:
and several other sites when you search under
'Las Vegas, accommodations', etc.,
Hope you find these sources useful.  We look forward to seeing you in Vegas.
GBDI Planning Committee
Better hotel rates for the  Hotel and Casino may be found at:
    GBDI   Phone :   909 -  982  9958   
          Please leave your  brief message, if we are not available
          Mailing address of GBDI:
              582 N. Fifth Avenue                     
               Upland, CA   91786 ,  USA

For participants whose papers are already accepted for conference presentation, please include Paper # as a reference  in the Subject  area  of email  in all communications.